It’s a night of fun; the fantasy gig has once again enticed crowds into a seamless and lively dance floor courtesy of our very own Eswatini rising talent ‘ItsAllBlaq.’

Poised and passionate; ItsAllBlaq was outstanding among the local acts lined up for the Saturday night Epic Gig IV. The ‘It’s okay to be different’ artist unpacked a captivating experience where her act appeared to be matching international prospects. Just when the crowds were getting impatient in their quest for much anticipated ‘Kwesta’, she calmed them with one mesmerizing performance that defies description.

“Perhaps I aim higher” she said responding to “are you the next Uncle Waffles”? Apparently, she has been making waves on big stages, including the MTN Bushfire festival, but Epic Gig IV was her first full big stage appearance. “I hope platforms like these open doors up to Tomorrowland. I am destined for the international stage,” she adds on her determination to put the country on the map in an interview with EBIS blog.

From the onset, ItsAllBlaq came dressed with a smile that can charm a fish out of the river. “That smile is from the heart, I love what I am doing with every fibre of my heart and it feels great to be appreciated as well,” as she explained the consistent smile throughout her performance.

The most prominent appeal she poses is her poise, elegance and talent that was magnified in the dance floor as the crowds ecstatically responded to her performance. She is a typical dancer who finds rhythm in blending marvelous dance moves with eccentric skills.

Clearly, ItsAllBlaq is a spider on stage and she has promised that every performance will be her best performance. “I have all the attributes for that consistency” she said with her usual smile.

By: July Dlamini

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