Senior Reporter

Joined EBIS in 2003 as Assistant Information Officer. My main duties include news writing, hosting the news and current affairs programme (Letishisako) aired on the SiSwati channel from 0715hrs to 0800hrs and presenting the news for both SiSwati and English Channels.

I currently hold the position of Senior Reporter and also have an added responsibility of acting as News Editor.

As a news anchor and Letishisako host, I enjoy imparting knowledge to my listeners through current affairs. I am most passionate about doing development stories, especially those that have to do with women and girl empowerment, education and health. I am also passionate about mentoring young broadcast journalists and nurturing their skills and talent as they navigate this intricate field.

I am also passionate about the promotion and preservation of our mother language SiSwati. As a journalist, I have noticed how youngsters especially in the urban setting, are warming up to English when compared to SiSwati.

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