Senior Journalist

I joined EBIS in July 2004 on contract, based in the news department, and permanently employed in 2006 in the programs department as Assistant Program Officer stationed in the English Channel, before being transferred to the news department. I have worked for EBIS with various stakeholders including Civil Society, Government and the private sector since then. I have acquired valuable experience as Assistant Program Officer, Assistant Information Officer and subsequently as a Senior Journalist.

I hold Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Eswatini acquired in 2015 and Diploma in Journalism at the same University in 2003 and another Diploma in Journalism at Allerby Power Learning in 1999.

I acquired skills as Parliament and court correspondent, reporting on national and international assignments of the Head of State and Government. I read news bulletins in both the languages and host two live programs, the morning news program Letishisako at 0715hrs to 0800hrs and Love and Marriage program and Imphilo yelikhaya every Sunday at 7:15pm

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