Let’s throwback and forecast to ‘arguably’ the most influential voices ever aired on Eswatini Radio. On her reasons not to name her favourite radio voice, Simangele Dlamini EBIS Acting Principal Programs Officer stated, “there is no precise criterion to rate radio presenters, one might be good for me not for you’’. In chorus, Bheki Maveni Gwebu Chief Editor at EBIS asserts his convictions adding that informative radio personnel will be valued credible overtime.

Superiors refrain passing judgement for ethical reasons but public discourse will reflect dominant ideology particularly if their ideas were to be relevant a decade ago, presently, and 10 years to come. EBIS as media house is in effect a market of ideas, some of which have revolutionized as an identity of the national radio station.

Khala Mdumbadumbane

This iconic radio program conveyed by two legendary lads is by far the most staggering revolutionized work of art. Certainly the program is celebrated for its knack to communicate the significance of Eswatini culture beyond borders. Engagement came as far as Johannesburg but main followers abroad were from Mpumalanga South Africa who were hoping to eternalize Swazi customs relayed by a reliable source.

Bongani Dlamini aka Sgcoko- The Intellectual

One could tell, ‘the man behind the mic is learned’ from his narrative when summarizing the subject matter. His curriculum vitae attest to that assumption, he held a Master Degree in Change Management at Mananga Metropolitan College. His nickname ‘Sgcokosiyancinca’ says it all, “he was a branded open comedian who built his legacy from a comedy show before succeeding the great Mkhumbi Ngcamphalala for Khala Mdumbadumbane,” EBIS Director Sabelo Dlamini describes his former colleague who later worked as Director of Eswatini TV.

“Priceless, he swallowed his pride and lived up to his childhood brand despite his accolades,’’ a fan from the streets disclosed his sentiments to this profile. Perhaps he was insightful but also his ability to capture audience attention can be attributed to his creative narratives. His dictions empathically lured listeners to relate on the issue simultaneously expanding the fan base of the program.

 Jim Gama aka Mbokane-The Swazi-paedia    

An apocalyptic visionary who could spit wisdom like he is reading from a master’s book. The proud traditionalist was well versed on Eswatini culture and customs such that he could be mistaken to be the originator of Swati culture. His manifesto on Swazi culture stems from his profile as well; he served as Indvuna yase Ludzidzini.

Jim Gama aka Mbokane

His lectures on social issues will forever be referenced as a reliable source of a meaningful Swazi lifestyle. His faith in Swazi culture would author appeals to resist foreign cultural influence. In his ending documentaries he wraps up by alerting Swazis saying “Truth prevails eternally.” EmaSwati would be blind to ignore the intelligence communicated in this iconic program. Maybe one day a statue will be erected in his honor for protecting and promoting SiSwati language and culture.

Sgayoyo Magongo-Sports Commentator   

“You will know your talent had influence when the next generation are named after you,’’ Mthetho Moses Matsebula profiles Sgayoyo as the GOAT of football commentators. He describes his talent as a unique motivation from a sports commentator who went on to own a football club. Mthetho appears delighted to have worked with the master, speaking with pride in an interview with EBIS Blog he relays… “He wouldn’t tell tales in a live broadcast, he’s a typical commentator who would appeal to the sense of sights in words giving you the precise actions on the pitch.”

S’gayoyo and his colleague Rogers Mamba were later elected into Parliament and that justifies the hypothesis that informative voices on radio have influence on public discourse.

By: July Dlamini intern from Limkokwing University      

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    What a beautiful history EBIS holds! Thanks for the throwback

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