By: July Holinhlanhla

Let’s turn back the hands of time to the sequences of 3 episodes of human inhabitants who found shelter at Khabane Caves.

A moment of silence to all who missed out from the informative walk to one of the historical scenery of the Lubombo Mountain. An archaeological census ascertains that life at Khabane Caves dates back to 8 000-16 000 years before present. Perhaps the Stone Age tribes ‘Batfwa” AKA the ‘San Hunter Gatherers’ are the first inhabitants of this era.

The pilgrimage to Khabane Cave can be a prerequisite to the realistic narrative of how the Dlaminis avoided direct confrontation by all means possible. From the praises ‘Wena lowacedza Lubombo ngek’hlehletela we get synopsis of how the strategy of defence other than attack was efficient in the course of nation building 250 -300 years ago.

Iron Age souvenirs from these caves illustrate how the second episodes of human inhabitants ‘emaTfonga’ used these tools to shield the nation away from the resilient Shaka Zulu. Effects of Mfecane War 250-300 years ago forced our forefathers to seek refuge in these caves as being at the top of the mountain enables one to identify an approaching enemy at a distance.

The latest inhabitants points out to the ‘Late White Settlers’ during the African colonization era. It seems like they have been everywhere exploring nature and turning every stone in the hunt for treasures, the “Third Episode Horizon” (White Settlers) is however a meaningful period of data collecting about our background.

The Know How’s of climbing uphill remains a fairytale

From what EBIS Blog witnessed; Khabane Caves will no longer be a relevant shelter to modern humans. The cave is now a meaningful resident to apes and birds, and besides, the skill of climbing uphill remains a fairy-tale to many.  It’s therefore imperative to advise all emaSwati to prioritise peaceful means of problem solving in their trail of life.

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